Josh is a friend of mine on Face Book. This is his intro on his page.

"I write songs and fly fish. My birth name is Jeremy Cameron and my nickname is Flies And Fins."

One of his friends shared another Face Book page... just took my breath away!

Keep it GOING!!!!!!!


Am/G/F/F - Verses
G/F/C/G - Bridge

He used to be a golden boy
Mamma’s pride and joy
All it took was a little pin prick
Now he’s part of the epidemic

His Mamma's always dressed in black
He ain’t never coming back
The habit was just too hard to kick
Now she’s part of the epidemic

Every face looks the same
Lying on the street and begging for change
All they need is one more fix
Now they’re part of the epidemic

Don’t swallow them pills it’s the devil’s food
Everything is what you’re gonna lose
He’ll find his way into your veins
And you won’t even feel the pain
Then you’ll be running just to stand still
And the pills won't work but something else will
You’ll get it in the cities and every little town
If you're not dead when you’re come down

Everybody knows someone’s name
Everyone’s got someone to blame
It’s just simple arithmetic
Now you’re part of the epidemic
It’s just simple arithmetic
We’re all part of the epidemic