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I want to back up a few steps and discuss what we missed.
Before we got to this place that doesn’t exist.

I knew what I wanted & that was to be with you.
You’re here me now but I still want more than you.

I don’t want you to leave but I like it when you go.
It makes me more creative to be on my own.

I get in my car & jump on the shit
I get down the road and there's nothing I missed
Turn on the cruise, watch the sun bake
I don't want no trouble there's nothing I fake
Come on give me a break
I have no plans but I stay here as I do
All I got is freedom & it don't matter, it don't matter to you!

Blue You, Blue You.

You can't save me, no matter what you're going through.
You can't ask me, I'm not under your abuse.
You won't make me, I watched you walk through the door
My love is never gonna let you, no one's gonna let that door.
My love is bigger than the Ocean.